Good  afternoon,

My name is Khrystyna Korda and I am a director of resort complex “Aladdin Cave” (“Pechera Alladina”), located in Truskavets.

Month ago I applied to your web-studio SiteKafe ordering the creation of a website for our institution. I must admit that I was very impressed.

First of all, with high professionalism. Just in a week after, guys have sent me some examples of my site from which I could afford to choose the one that I liked the most. And just three weeks later, my site was ready and launched on the Internet.

I was also very pleasantly surprised by the price for the job because I used to address many web-studios where the price was significantly higher. The payment should not have been made out immediately and could bring in stages, which was also very convenient for us.

Also, after the site was ready guys kindly taught me to enjoy the site, make some adjustments, alter, fill the photos.

I plan to further apply to this Web-Studio SiteKafe for promotion of my website on the Internet.

I will surely apply and I recommend you to do this!


Kodra Khrystyna Beauty Salon owner Truskavets city