You have got a business already, but you feel that number of customers is not that you would wanted to and within the scope of the city the number of potential clients is limited limits. By running a quality internet-shop all restrictions will disappear and you will be able to sell or provide your services not only throughout Ukraine, but literally to any part of the world using the power of modern Internet communications.


If you really want to transfer your business to a new quality level, get new customers and use the unlimited power of the Internet to develop your business, that internet-shop is your perfect choice.

The package includes:


1. Software development

2. Design selection

3. Site development

4. Filling the site with content (goods)

5. Hosting installing

6. Domain name connection

7. Site testing

8. Plus 10 per cent discount for the package “Top 3”

Price: from 3000$.

Consultation is free.